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Impex Barneveld is specialized in drinking systems for poultry which are designed primarily to supply birds with sufficient clean water. Impex drinking systems are suitable for various types of poultry: broilers, layers, rearing, parent stock and free-range layers. 
As there are various drinking nipples in our product range, the correct nipple to be used depends on the specific type of poultry. There are always enough watering points over the entire floor area. These systems are economical as they are easy to clean and need little maintenance. Due to the closed water system, hygiene is optimal resulting in a better house environment. In addition to closed water drinking systems, Impex also supplies open drinking systems, such as round drinkers, mini-drinkers and fountain drinkers.

Closed water systems

Advantages of Impex closed water drinking systems: optimal hygiene, better water temperature, minimal water wastage, easy to clean, little maintenance, always enough watering points, optimal supply of medication and additives, dry manure, lower humidity, less ammonia.
The main water line is the source of water for the drinking systems. Water pressure is reduced to about 1.5-2 bar by a main pressure reducer with a combined or separate filter. A water meter is recomended to check water consumption. The filtered water is directed by a pipe system to the pressure reducer of each individual drinking line. The pressure reducer enables low pressure for optimal functioning of the nipple and (drip)cup drinkers. The water is now available to the birds from the nipples or (drip)cups. The correct height of the nipples is important. This can be achieved by a winch system.