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Cobb500, as the world’s most popular broiler breeder, is the result of 30 year’s progress, using a combination of both traditional pedigree selection and new technology.

New generation of incubators has been designed to the highest standards to provide optimal incubation conditions that maximize hatchability and chick uniformity.

Feeding systems, drinking systems, climate control systems, heating, cooling, complete prefabricated buildings.

Closed and open drinking systems are suitable for various types of poultry: broilers, layers, rearing, parent stock and free-range layers.  

Automatic roll-away laying nests and slatted floors for poultry houses for both breeders and layers.

Feed pans, drinkers, Piedmont coop, chick boxes, plastic containers, container 360 eggs, plastic breeder slat, valery.

Printing systems for the marking and coding  of eggs done by ink jet egg printing or egg stamping.

Standard generators up to the most complex units are being produced in modern facilities and they guarantee quality and reliability.

Egg grading and egg packing machines.