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Moba is the world leading manufacturer of egg grading and egg packing machines. Moba has an excellent reputation to live up to when it comes to inventive solutions for making egg grading and packing faster and more efficient.

Moba was founded in 1947. In that year, the first machines were built under the name 'Moba' for the egg and poultry industry. In 1970 Moba marketed the first machine which could automatically grade and pack. New developments quickly followed. In 1993, the 'Omnia' was introduced. This machine was the first to combine the dependable principles of individual product handling with modern computer techniques. These machines could process batches of eggs hygienically and quickly with a high level of quality, what was considered impossible in the past.

Moba produces egg-grading machines from small range systems up to large fully automated computerised graders. The Moba handpackers are well known for their reliability and robustness. In these systems the eggs are delivered to the grader either by hand or automatically, and are graded according to the weight of the eggs. After grading, the eggs are to be packed by hand.

Mobanette3, with 4 to 7 scales and capacity 1.600 eggs per hour
employ one worker irrespective of number of active scales. Mobanette3 is high quality and reliable machine with long validity, minimal technical support costs and limitation for packing which is strictly manual. Big
advantage is also the weight which allows to one worker to easily move the machine.

Moba 68, with 4 to 7 scales and capacity 3.000 eggs per hour, represents a solution for mid farms because it can emloy one or two workers depending on number of active scales easily by switch.
Moba 88, with 4 to 7 scales and capacity 4.500 eggs per hour, is a solution for mid farms because it can employ two workers depending on number of active scales easily by switch.
Moba 9B
Capacity 14.400eggs/hour

Mopack farmpackers
On farms without grading capacity, the eggs must be prepaired for transport by putting them on trays. Moba Farmpackers have the reputation of doing this with great care and at high speeds. Once the eggs are in the farmpacker, they will never have contact with the other eggs and are handled individually. Mopacks are constructed of stainless steel, are easy to clean and have as much equipment above the eggflow as possible thanks to the track system.

Mopack 55
Capacity 20.000 eggs/hour
Mopack 100
Capacity 36.000 eggs/hour
Mopack 70
Capacity 25.000 eggs/hour


The “Omnia“ range of egg grading and packing machines is designed to perfectly match the steadily increasing requirements of the egg industry. With an impressive market share world-wide, the name “Omnia” is well known in the egg industry. It is by no means a synonym for “a grader”. A complete family of graders covers capacity ranges from 30,000 egg/hour up to 180,000 egg/hour (85 up to 500 cases/hour).

1. Accumulator
2. EggInspector (dirt+leaker detection)
3. Multidrum (orientation and leaker outlet)
4. Magnetic Crack detector
5. UV disinfection system
6. Weighing system
7. Transfer
8. Blood and color detection
9. Inkjet interface
10. Packing lanes
11. Operator screen
12. Case Packer