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Around the world the popularity od chicken is growing. Consumers of all ages are attracted to its nutritional benefits and value for money. Today’s broiler breeder has to cater for the exacting demands of processors and consumers as well as meeting the requirements of breeder flock owners. The bird must be able to perform well in different climates and countries and it must conform to the highest healt standards. As one of the world’s oldest established breeders Cobb is in a unique position to satisfy these demands.


Today the Cobb500TM is the world’s most popular broiler breeder. It has a worldwide reputation for the lowest cost of producing chicken meat and as the world’s most efficient broiler it has the best growth rate and the lowest feed conversion. The product of today is the result of 30 year’s progress, using a combination of both traditional pedigree selection and new technology.

The Cobb500TM has:
• Lowest cost of live weight produced
• Superior performance on lower cost feed rations
• Excellent growth rate
• Best broiler uniformity

COBB’s focus on genetic improvement of products continues to increase achievement of good results in broiler and breeder production. COBB has unique perspective and a single focus: quality of product and service.