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Since ten years Van Gent International have been involved in the supply and installation of poultry-equipment all over the world. Van Gent automatic roll-away laying nests and slatted floors are produced in Holland. Poultryhouses can be equipped (laying nests and slatted floors) for both breeders and layers.The automatic roll-away nest is the result of years of practical experience with Van Gent laying nests. The construction is simple and stable as a result of wich the nests can be assembled more easily. The expulsion system makes it possible to remove the hens periodically from the nests. This prevents fouled nests and broody hens. A mechanical time-clock activates the expulsion station.

- For layers and breeders
- For broiler breeders absolutely the best nest with more
hatching eggs and very high hatchability
- Low % of floor and broken eggs
- Clean eggs
- Easy to clean
- Short delivery
- Easy and fast instalation
- Excellent service

Different depth and formations are possible. Depending on your house and needs: Van Gent laying nests are available in ½ row (wall-formation), 1 and 2 tiers for the standard, XL and XXL nest.



The Van Gent wooden slats are made of high grade hardwood. All edges are rounded and planed and the components are secured by stainless steel staples. The standard slat is available in 1.0m x 1.2m and 1.2m x 1.2m, and "perch type"version with 2 or 3 larger slats incorporated is available in 1.0m x 1.2m. The distance between the slats is 25mm. The wooden slats can be supported on softwood carriers, some of which may have wooden legs.

- Very long life 15+ years
- Planned on four sides
- Angles rounded off
- Various sizes
- Easy to clean

The Van Gent plastic slatted-floor is strong with an open construction which provides a good grip for the birds and a high manure fall through. The special design makes it easy to stack, using minimum space for transport. The slats panels have a standard dimension of 0,98m x 0,625m.

-Easy to clean
-Suitable for rearing
-Suitable for ducks